System Analyst, Data Base Architect, Web Programming, Internet Consultant

System Analyst, Data Base Architect, Web Programming, Internet Consultant

System Analyst, Data Base Architect, Web Programming, Internet Consultant

System Analyst, Data Base Architect, Web Programming, Internet Consultant

System Analyst, Data Base Architect, Web Programming, Internet Consultant

Data Base model

System Analyst

Through your process and methodology identification, menci net Data Base Architect suggests to elaborate with you your operational tool’s architecture. From your enterprise functional analysis throughout development and roll-out of the data base which will sustain your every day’s activities.

Created from object oriented model at the cutting of computer technology, your operation system’s data base architecture is functional, ergonomic and future proof. During the data base’s life, the administration is therefore faster and simpler, thanks to effective, rational and detailed tools.

Menci Internet Consultant

Initially, menci net Data Base Architect completes a functional analysis of your operational tool using SADT (Structured Analysis and Design Technique, IDEF0, defined in 1960 by US MOD). This method enables to define precisely everything that come in and out or dœs constrain your activity. This is represented at level one by a simple box which can be detailed further infinitely. Furthermore, the environment also is taken into account in order to facilitate the integration of modern requirements for ecological preservation, respect of surrounding world and energy savings through waste reduction at source.

This method’s correct application paves the way toward ISO 9000 certification, and forward to ISO 14000, because depending on the level of details, the whole methodology and writing of procedures is intrinsically realised. The ISO certification, though it is simple to implement at this stage, is not a requirement to proceed further with the project.

Data Base Architect

Data base architecture and design, then computer process are conceived the closest to the final user’s perspective and expectations. For example, important functions within a formulary follow a precise colour code and are base on a principle of simple “big buttons”, also called “Magic Button”. Thus long term time saving is obtained from error rate reduction and intuitive human interface ergonomics, also further reducing requirement for user training.

Web Programming

Internet constitutes a formidable communication tool. Scrupulous programming of all rules in force makes it possible to produce an effective message for brands and products promotion. These rules include commercial ethical values and processes which will ensure the continuation of this step for the generations to come.

Technology for recycling constitutes the angular stone of every development carried through by menci net Data Base Architect. In fact, each element, physical or immaterial is firstly studied according to its impact on the environment all along its integral life cycle ; until its total disappearance after use. For example, if tyres were produced, the model representing this product would include the path of this object after its nominal use, hence, it would suggest an application which transform each material (here gum and steel) into new object or product (here, the gum maybe used to floor children playing grounds, and the steel would be melted into new applications), or else the volume necessary in land-fills as well as the ecological impact if known, would be calculated.

Liberty over internet as well as everywhere

Internet Consultant

Rich from Internet design experience, larger Data Base Management Systems (DBMS), centralised or distributed, menci net Data Base Architect is the wild card up your sleeve which will transform your professional interface into a professional tool dedicated to your work as much as the evolution of the technology and its surrounding world.

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